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/ Celebrating Visual Culture & Music

Founder &
Festival Director

Alex Barendregt
Alex Barendregtalex@wb-production.com
In 1998 the World Bodypainting Festival has started establishing a new art movement

“We are proud to have build a Home for Bodypainting from scratch. Within the past 25 years we had to face many challanges such as location changes, the covid pandemic and many financial problems, which we in the end successfully mastered. With the WBF and all our projects throughout the year, we from WB Production are the backbone of the bodypainting art movement.

Festival Organization

WB Production GmbH (Event & Marketing Agency)
Villacher Straße 120
9710 Feistritz/Drau
Tel. +43 4245 21637

Tax Number: ATU65979569
Company Registration Number in Austria: 352187y
Legal court: Landesgericht Klagenfurt


/ Achievements

25 years fast facts

App. 10 million €uros is what we have invested for founding the modern bodypainting art movement
Visitors in 25 years
million viewers who enjoyed our content on social, web and tv channels.

/ History


/ Event Awards

The WBF itself received awards

We believe that our event is so unique and has an excellent quality, therefore in 2018 we decided to submit for an event award. SO we did it, the WBF was awarded by the CREOS in 2018 and with the AUSTRIAN EVENT AWARDS in 2019.

Event Award
World Bodypainting Association

/ The World Bodypainting Association

The WBA was founded in 2001 to organize more activities for the community.

The main focus and goal of the association is to promote and bring awareness to the art of bodypainting, while building a worldwide community and network of artists and supporters. It acts as an informational provider into the world of bodypainting through the latest news, events and offers an insight to companies and product growth for the industry at large.

Villacher Strasse 120, 9710 Feistritz, AUSTRIA
Festival Location
Messezentrum (Convention Center)
St. Ruprechter Strasse, 9020 Klagenfurt, AUSTRIA

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