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Plug'n Play

Pure festival feeling, an enthusiastic crowd, international show acts and YOU in the center of attention.

Every year we are looking for talented bands, musicians and DJ's who want to perform live at the World Bodypainting Festival and want to share their music with the world.

Bodypainting is not simply painting a body,
Bodypainting is to replant the body into an entire scenery.
Create a body scene with choreography and music.

Bodypainting is more - the World Bodypainting Festival is more!

Plug n Play atWBF

"WBF sound.institute" is the community music project that developed through the World Bodypainting Festival. Every year the festival brings together international musicians, specialists in electronic music and technicians from many different countries and cultures. It is my goal to develop the music scene like the community of bodypainters, photographers and models that has already existed for years. The creative thoughts of both groups can develop many new ideas.

then send us your application with your details and samples of your music.

Here is the contact form

We are looking foward to see you playing for our international audience at the World Bodypainting Festival.



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