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  • European Bodypainting Festival

    Keukenhof in Lisse, near Amsterdam / NETHERLANDS
    Dive into a mix of body art, music & shows
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    See the best bodypainting artists from around the world
    Competitions, photography, multimedia
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The Partner Event

World Bodypainting Festival

Join in 2017 the 20th World Championships taking place in Austria

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Exhibitor Information for the EBF 2016

Come join our growing team of Exhibitors at the launch of the new European Bodypainting Festival (EBF). As the first year of the EBF, we are offering special packages. Orders /Reservations include custom size spaces or ready made tent spaces.

For more information, please view and download the Exhibitor PDF at Info Download Area 


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Make Up For Ever presenting the European Bodypainting Festival 2016

We are very happy to finally announce our main sponsor for the upcoming European Bodypainting Awards. The world famous french brand MAKE UP FOR EVER is providing almost € 8.000 in cash plus € 11.000 in high quality product prizes for the 5 different categories.


Please see the Artist Details with the updated prizes for each category.

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Second Theme for the EBF‬ 2016

Today we announce the second theme for the EURO AWARDS 2016:
For Sunday, August 14th in the categories 

  • Brush/Sponge
  • Airbrush
  • Special Effects Bodypainting
  • Facepainting

"Revolution - Time for Change"

photo albert peer2012
Image from WBF2012 by E. Pahazkaja, Photo Albert Peer

Artist Details

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EBF 2016 Theme Announcement

Dear artists, please find the first theme for the EURO AWARDS 2016:
For Saturday, August 13th in the categories 

  • Brush/Sponge
  • Airbrush
  • Special Effects Bodypainting
  • UV

"Wonders of Nature"

mayer leopold5
Image from EBF2002 by Artist Ference Hottya, Photo Leopold Mayer

Artist Details

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Artist Information for the European Awards 2016

We have the first information for artists at the European Bodypainting Festival ready. Registration is now open, but please note, over the next weeks we will be updating the prizes for the awards. We are excited to welcome you to the official partner event of the World Bodypainting Festival.

Artist Details

639 Nicole Willenstorfer

Image: Nicoe Willenstorfer @ World Bodypainting Festival

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After Movie from the WBF 2015

The review from the World Bodypainting Festival 2015 in Austria. Some impressions that you can expect at the European Bodypainting Festival in the Netherlands


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