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The Partner Event

World Bodypainting Festival

Join in 2017 the 20th World Championships taking place in Austria

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 Bodypainting & Make-up
Trade Show Exhibitors 2016


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EBF Photography

Photo Zones and Photo Contest

13 - 14 August 2016

With this evanescent body art, photography is an essential part of the festival. As in our partner event the World Bodypainting Festival, the EBF, the European Bodypainting Festival also has a big focus on photography. The event venue in the Netherlands is in the worlds famous Keukenhof in Lisse, near Amsterdam.

817-Andreas Rainer-300px 820-Gianandrea Uggetti-300px
Photos: Andreas Rainer / Gianandrea Ugetti @WBF

In this Open Air area of the Keukenhof you will find exhibition areas, artists tents as well as plenty of photo areas. After the completion of artistic works on the models, they will pose exclusively for you in a great "Photo Award Area". This is where the owner of a Photo Pass can make the most fantastic shots to enter into the photo competition with. In addition, photo ticket holders also have access to the front stage area.

165-Herbert Kunze-600x400
Photo Herbert Kunze

The photo contest,  “European Bodypainting Photo Award“

For the past 19 years, The Photo Competition has been a big part of the World Bodypainting Festival and of course we are also pleased to include this important aspect to the European Bodypainting Festival in the Netherlands.

We award in 2 categories, the best images created in the year of the given festival.  Find all detailed information in the section EBF Photo Award.


Photo Rights

  • Photos may be used at any time without further request to the photographer for any and all promotional material and publications related to the European Bodypainting Festival.

  • Regarding future photo competitions or exhibitions, please give credit to the artist as well as the European Bodypainting Festival.

  • • The photos will not be used for any commercial use without prior agreement from the model, the artist and the organizer.

  • If photos are sold for specific purposes, the artist and the model must be included in the billing This can be done individually or with the following rates below.
    - 60 % for the photographer
    - 20 % for the artist
    - 20 % for the model

  • It is absolutely prohibited to include any work form the festival in any erotic content or media.

Participation Fees & Photo Ticket

The Photo ticket for the EBF 2016 includes:

  • Access to the festival grounds incl. full program.
  • Entry to the restricted photo-contest area (Photo Award Area).
  • Entry to the restricted area in front of the main stage.
  • Participation in the “European Bodypainting Photo Award” contest.

€ 129 

 Direct link to our Online Shop

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Specific information for artists

Welcome to the European Bodypainting Awards 2016

presented by


PDF Files you need as a participant, please read carefully:

ebf castle600px

The European Bodypainting Festival’s success story started in 1998 when it launched its first edition with a handful of artists painting and decorating human bodies in an open air venue in front of the public in Austria.

Through the years the festival grew and was re-named to the WBF, while it has remained in the original region of Austria for the past 19 years, a spin off in the Netherlands under the original name EBF has been created in a magical venue near Amsterdam.
The partnership between the World and the European Bodypainting Festival will create a strong alliance to promote the art of bodypainting to an even bigger international audience.
The highlight of the EBF is the European Awards in the categories Brush/Sponge, Airbrush, Special Effects, UV and Facepainting. Artists From across Europe and overseas will present their art to a large audience.


The European Awards and various categories

The competition categories for 2016 are

  • European Award in Brush / Sponge
  • European Award in Airbrush
  • European Award in Special effects bodypainting
  • European Award in Facepainting
  • European Award in UV


Awards Diagramm600px

Themes 2016:

  • Saturday: "Wonders of Nature"
  • Sunday, Final day: "Revolution - Time for Change"

Registering for the competition categories

  • The 14th of July 2016 is the closing date for registrations. It is recommended to register early as all categories have limited numbers of participants.
  • Please make sure that you send us your portfolio photos otherwise we cannot proceed with your registration.
  • The 50 Euro for your ARTIST PASS insure your participation.
    Please note: Do NOT proceed with your payment without the confirmation letter and your ID number.
  • With the artist pass you get a badge for yourself, your assistant (if the category allowes) and your model for the festival ground for all days.
  • The artist registration should be completed via our online shop:

Please make sure, all 3 documents are red before you submit:

  • Artist information pdf_button
  • Guidelines pdf_button
  • Timetable for artitsts  pdf_button

Prizes and Awards for 2016

  • Every participant gets a goodie bag at the registration desk.
  • You get a participation certificate at the registration desk after the competition has ended.



EA bs

presented bymakeupforever200px

1st place   Trophy + € 1.000,- in cash + € 1.000,- Make up For Ever Voucher
2nd place  Trophy + €    500,- in cash + €    700,- Make up For Ever Voucher
3rd place   Trophy + €    250,- in cash + €   500,- Make up For Ever Voucher


EA ab

presented bymakeupforever200px

1st place   Trophy + € 1.000,- in cash + € 1.000,- Make up For Ever Voucher
2nd place  Trophy + €    500,- in cash + €    700,- Make up For Ever Voucher
3rd place   Trophy + €    250,- in cash + €   500,- Make up For Ever Voucher

EA fx

presented bymakeupforever200px

1st place   Trophy + € 1.500,- in cash + € 1.000,- Make up For Ever Voucher
2nd place  Trophy + €    700,- in cash + €    700,- Make up For Ever Voucher
3rd place   Trophy + €    400,- in cash + €   500,- Make up For Ever Voucher


EA uv

presented bymakeupforever200px

1st place   Trophy + € 1.000,- in cash + € 1.000,- Make up For Ever Voucher
2nd place  Trophy + €    500,- in cash + €    700,- Make up For Ever Voucher
3rd place   Trophy + €    250,- in cash + €   500,- Make up For Ever Voucher


EA fp

presented bymakeupforever200px

1st place   Trophy + € 1.000,- Make up For Ever Voucher
2nd place  Trophy + €   700,- Make up For Ever Voucher
3rd place   Trophy + €   500,- Make up For Ever Voucher


Bodypainting Model of the Year Award

presented by


The award goes to the model that expresses and presents their bodypainting most successfuly. This includes modelling over the main days, the presentations and in the photo area. The prize is given after the photo competition in November.

Artist Camping Opportunity

Those, who are interested in a cheap alternative to hotels and long ways have the possibility to set up their tent for only € 25 for the weekend (Friday to Monday) in the camping area directly next to the Festival grounds. Although it is not a luxury accommodation it has everything important as well as a huge portion of pure Festival flair together with you Bodypainting family.

Please note, the space is limited so we recommend to book soon!
Book your place when registering for the Awards

registration form



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Interested in being a model ?

If you are searching for a unique experience in modeling, the World Bodypainting Festivals partner event,
the European Bodypainting Festival is the place to be !

292 Abdul Halim Kulaksiz
Artist Johannes Stötter / Photo Abdul Halim Kulaksiz
This festival is a place where many creative minds meet to create something unique and special. Like the artists, models are also required to cover their own registration costs to take part in the festival.

The requirements to be a model at the EBF are:

  • Reliable punctuality and genuine interest in enjoying the process.
  • To understand the artists idea, so you are able to appropriatley express the idea through choreography on the stage and in the photography area.
  • Ideally experience in posing for the camera and experience working with photographers.
  • You must be minimum 18 years old.
We try to connect the models with artists before the main days when possible.
Please arrange the meeting point, regarding duties and what to take etc., directly with the artist after matching! Please collect your entry pass at the information entrance first.
If you did not find an artist before come to the "Model Meeting Point" next to the main entrance of the EBF from 9.00am - there also artists who are still in need of a model come.

You can register here

Ingo Wandler Olga Sokolova
Artist Olga Sokolova / Photo Ingo Wandler


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Timetable for artists 2016

Dear participant,

Here is the schedule for each category within the EBF 2016. 

Please note:
The Artist Meeting and Introduction is taking place:
Saturday, 10:00am in the morning in front of the main stage
See you,

Mark van der Stelt & Alex Barendregt
EBF Organizers



ebf timetable

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World Bodypainting Association

The "World Bodypainting Association (WBA) was founded out of the european association, that exists already since 2001.
Aim of this network is it to establish the Body art as a reknowned artform and to propse this stunning art to the public.
So the WBA brings together artists, Models, photographers as well as companies to offer the possibility to work in a supporting area and to develop new projects together.
Initiated was the foundation of Alex Barendregt, who is also the creator of the "European and then the World Bodypainting Festival®" , which has become a major yearly event in Austria and is now meeting point for the entire WBA community.
In the last year the association was able to rise the importance of the Artform of Bodypainting, but it is necessary to go this way further, to present this artform to the public.
The World Bodypainting Association counted about 600 members from 49 different nations in 2013 and connects the most important industry partner in the area of Bodypainting, Make-up and Special effects, as well as artists, photographers and models.

Become a member in the Association, details here on the association's website

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Tips for models

The work as a model in the area of Bodypainting is a special experience. You can get very unique pictures, if you will follow our recommendations.

034 Klaus Vonwald Fiorella Scatena
Photo Klaus Vonwald

You are the artwork!

That’s why the requirements on the model differ from a „normal“ model job. This document is adapted especially for modelling at the World and European Bodypainting Festival and contain useful information for all models that work with Bodypainting artists.

Download the Model PDF file


BodyArtFashion show



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